Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The folks involved in this famous photo of Emma being helped from the funeral parlor after Bonnies service.

Back row L-R.... Pat Plummer Bonnies aunt, Hubert {Buster} Parker Bonnies brother, Edith Clay Parker Busters wife, front row L-R.....Funeral director, Emma Parker Bonnies mother, Fletcher {Dutchie} Smoot Bonnies cousin !

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Death car photo, colorized by C. Flynn...

Death photo's colorized by C. Flynn....

Family reunion shortly before their deaths ! colorized by C. Flynn....

Front row L-R.. Marie Barrow , Emma Parker and Bonnie, back row L-R....Billie Jean Parker, Clyde and LC Barrow !

Bonnie and Clyde death photos !

Some of my photoshop creations !

Bonnie Parker working at Marco's cafe circa 1926, colorized by C.Flynn...

Hubert Nicholas {buster} Parker {Bonnies brother} and his wife Edith Clay Parker !...

Frank Hamer !


Clyde Barrow and his sister Artie ! circa 1925....courtesy of Stefanie Charlesworth....

New photo's of Clyde Barrow ! circa 1926....courtesy of Freda Ann Dillard, thanks Freda !....

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Bonnie and Clyde mini series....Doesn't begin to qualify, read the review !

I never liked this farse from the first trailer I seen, another poor attempt by Hollyweird , if they would start making more real true to life HISTORY rather than worry about just making money then maybe things would change, JMO !      read this review.....                     

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bonnie Parker with her sister and 2 cousins at a field near grandma Krause's house, courtesy of our friend T.Methvin .

 Bonnie's uncle John Krause's kids Bonnie's cousins....L-R back row Bonnie, Billie, Dutchie aka Bess in Fugitives, front row Sammie Alma Krause.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bonnie Parker glasses !

           A recently discovered newspaper article saying Bonnie had glasses on during the ambush ?????  as I have said before I am sure those glasses were in the car as I am sure they belonged to the original owner of the car, or.... left in the car by other folks that have been in the car, there are no reports, photo's or any mention of Bonnie ever wearing glasses ever ! as for the newspaper article ? lets see what other interesting things we have learned from them, 1- Bonnie killing people, wrong.... 2- Bonnie smoked cigars, wrong..... 3- Clyde Barrow was gay, wrong.....  I could go on and on with this list but there is no need, as we all know how the media screws up the real stories, again..... I am not saying those glasses were not in the death car as I am sure they were taken from the car, any collector would love to own these priceless artifacts,  me included,....  all I am saying is I do not believe they were Bonnies !  quote from the article......they fell from her shot-torn face as her limp form was loward from the car onto a funeral truck.... from what I uderstand they were found in the car, actually .... they were never listed as one of the items found in the car that I ever seen, Ted Hinton was the first lawman to approach the car opening Bonnies door with Bonnie falling in his arms, funny thing is....he never said a ward about her having glasses on and nobody else did either ! lets be honest here.... the woman was shot in the face ! how could a pair of glasses stay on her face after that ? as for the blood on the glasses, I am sure her blood was on everything in that car, Clydes as well..... the article said they fell from her face while being taken from the car to the truck, its funny that this is the only article ever written about it, and its never been mentioned by anyone else in any books or papers...ect, another thing.. Tom hughes was the 1st owner of the glasses since the ambush, this article is from the Shreveport journal..... the same town that Mr Hughes just happened to be sheriff of,  hmmmm..... I wonder if there is a connection ? lol.... well folks, this is just another one of those questions we will never know the real answer to, I cannot hang my hat on just this one article and these are just my opinions, you be the judge for yourself, as for Bonnie and the glasses, only her hair dresser would know for sure ! a list of the owners of the glasses courtesy of the worlds greatest Bonnie and Clyde website....  Frank Ballinger's texas hideout,   thank you very much Frank for all of your very hard work and research all these years !
T. (Tom) R. Hughes, Sheriff of Caddo Parish, Shreveport, Louisiana, was the original owner of the

Parker "death glasses". In 1938, the glasses were presented to Art O. Olson of 1345 East 29th,

Tulsa, Oklahoma by Sheriff Hughes through a third party named Cecil C. Harberson. In later

years, A.O. Olson gave them to D.A. Bryce who passed away in 1974. Bryce's niece, the

administrator of the Bryce estate, returned the glasses to A.O. Olson in 1976.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recovered items !

Five items originally obtained from the floor of Bonnie and Clyde’s bullet-riddled car after it was brought to Arcadia, Louisiana, along with the bodies of the notorious outlaws

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Comments from the house.....

Hi folks, I would like to take this time to let everyone know just exactly what this site is about, I have had alot of folks ask for a comment and conversation board, I really don't want that as I am a member of what I consider to be the very best site on the subject of Bonnie and Clyde conversation  please stop by and chat with us sometime, this site is about all things B&C, I have many very rare photo's of  B&C along with many articles some true, some not.... my goal is to post things that are out there true or not, I want everyone to know as much as possible about what has been said about B&C, stories that were told, articles written, any good B&C historian knows all the books have truth and untruth in each, I will say that some questions will never be answered such as was Bonnie pregnant at the time of her death ? some say no some say yes, my guess is that nobody will ever know the answer to that, did Hamer fire shots into the car after the ambush hitting Bonnie in the face ? again...  I feel we will never ever know as the only folks that did know FOR SURE are long gone, it does not hurt to research as I do it all the time but some answers will never be known and anything you hear is purely opinion, so.... without going into a three page comment that leads to nothing I would like to thank you good folks and remember,   TRUE..... Bonnie and Clyde history is hard to find, thanks !

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mary O'Dare !

Here is an excerpt from well respected Paul Schneider's book, Bonnie and Clyde {The lives behind the legend } it tells of Mary and her relationship with the gang and what they thought of her, I found it necessary for folks to know her story, thanks...                 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bonnie and Clydes great bend hideout !      link courtesy of the texas hideout !

RR Auction's Gangsters, Outlaws & Lawmen Preview for Live Auction on Sept 30th

RR auction film clip advertisement, after watching & listening to this, I have questions.... it says Frank Hamer said this gun was taped to her upper thigh with medical tape, he said the reason she taped it there was no gentleman would search there, well.... guess who found it ? LOL.... guess he is not much of a gentleman huh ? not only that but he contradicted himself shortly after by saying she was squating on the gun in the car, well which was it Frank? taped to her leg or squating on it ? you know...I try to see Hamer as a good lawman, that he was only doing his job, but .... once again thats not the case, I try to give him the bennifit of the doubt but again, stuff like this comes out and blows it for me..... I personally dont think she had a gun {on her} at the time at all, there are alot of things Hamer did that day that alot of folks don't know about !

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bonnie and Clyde mini series ! what a joke.... a waste of time and money !!!!!!!      Hollyweird strikes again ! this has to be the worst thing to ever happen to this history... the only thing they got right is their names, I have left many messages to History channel of my discust !